"Plumb, Level & True"

Defining the word True:
honest, genuine, authentic, loyal, faithful. true meaning of his statement.
building or creating a structure plumb, level, straight, square and in accordance to code.
True Masonry's business foundation is formed around this definition.  Being honest, genuine and loyal to our clients, plumb, level, straight and square to our work, we are able to provide one true experience. 

Sean Slee is the owner & operator of True Masonry.  Sean Slee has apprenticed under some of the greatest masons and has combined their heritage techniques with modern day technologies bringing his clients what he calls modern and traditional.   Masonry units and products have changed over the years.  With the knowledge and experience True Masonry offers we are able provide the best mix for all our clients.

We at True Masonry know how important it is not to just say we are loyal but to show it by giving warranties that are set in stone!   We want you to feel secure and have peace of mind knowing that True Masonry will be here for you long after the your job is completed.