"Plumb, Level & True"

Brick and Stone Mason Apprenticeships

 Apprenticeships are an important way to instill government regulated standards within our trade. The Brick and Stone masonry apprenticeship is a 3 year certification of both in class and on site training.  Every year our apprentices are sent to Fanshawe or Conestoga College for their in class theory and hands on training on campus.  Apprentices must than pass a yearly exam before they can graduate to their next level ensuring the highest of standards.

Co-op Education

True Masonry believes in the importance of tacit knowledge "Learning by Doing".  Co-op education is a great way to accomplish this form of teaching.  Like most trades we are seeing a major shortage in Bricklayers and Stone Masons.  By working close with RMC and other high schools in the London area we are taking the time to educate the students about Masonry and supply them with a first hand experience                              in construction.  For more information please speak with your high                                    schools guidance counselors.